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Issue 6: A Friendly Visit
It's the last night of summer vacation and Jon plans to spend it by hunting down the Black Ties gang and Ratboy, a timid yet dangerous informant. But before that he has lunch with his bud Susie, who he's neglected since he became J-Man. Hopefully he can balance the two meet ups.

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Issue 3: Dietrologia
Val finally arrives at the secret underground headquarters of the OOL. It should be a momentous moment but her previous battle with the Roach has traumatized her. Now she doubts her own strength just as her rigorous training starts.

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Short 4: Becoming Legends
+ Bon Scott Bio Short
Two Shorts! The first is an all ages fantasy about Nas, a dwarf who dreams of becoming a heroic necromancer. She forms her own team of misfits to fight the shoe-stealing goblin. Next is a two-page bio short the influential lead singer of AC|DC Bon Scott, who sang important albums like High Voltage and Highway to Hell

Hey Hey! I haven't made a blog post in forever. (The title is actually wrong it's been almost 2 years RIP). This long awaited blog will quickly go through what happened to me and the comics in 2019 and what's next in the coming months. Click the pic to go to the blog or go to the blog hub in the main menu to see more blogs.

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