Jonny Button

Issue 6: A Friendly Visit

It's the week before Jonny's Junior year of High School starts, but that doesn't mean he'll take a break from his war on crime as The Undefeatable J-Man. The jade hero and his partner Sleepy Bear's search for underground informant "Ratboy" pits them face-to-face with the stylish Black Tie gang. A few hours earlier however, we follow Jonny planning this search out in secret as he's supposed to having lunch with his friend Susie Christe. She not so amused by his lack of interesting getting ready for school, let's hope she can help him keep his "priorities" straight.
After the character altering adventures we've had since #3, it's time for a breather. A more fun small time story. No supervillains or doomsday devices, just a colorful hero and some thugs (with a few humor involved). This does mark the first official appearance of both the adjective name and the updated J-Man suit, along with a pop-eir color scheme.

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Halloween 2018:
Undefeatable J-Man x Super Castlevania IV




J-Man 6 Cover

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