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Special #1: First Contact

We've been focusing on young Jonny Regionson Jr.'s exploits as The J-Man for five issues and a couple of shorts, but now it's time to turn our attention to someone else. Someone who's been fight New York's injustice for far longer. His father.
Set 20 years before the events of The J-Man, we Jon Regionson, a young beat cop just wanting to do his job and make the streets safer. But he will fall into a conspiracy that will change his life forever.
This was made nearly a year ago for my final Senior project for SVA. It's a black and white cop noir action. It's a big weight off my chest to finally showcase it on the site. Hope you enjoy.

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April Fools 2018
The J-Man Easter Special

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July 4th 2018
Happy America Day!

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