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Short 3: To Suffer the Living

These comics were made for Joe Vallen the writer. It started as one short for his anthology-type series. We attempted two more installments before departing due to creative differences; mostly on my part, not being able to keep up a third webcomic for free. Since this is not written by me it will have a different tone then my other work and is not all ages.
The premise is a cyber punk comic following the murderous Val, a starship taxi driver who, with the aid of the ship's AI, slaughters anyone he comes across. Each episode is a two-page short dealing with a different kill. Maybe in the future (heh) me and Joe can work again on more episodes. However it just doesn't seem plausible for me to keep up J-Man, Valve, freelance work, and this on a monthly, or even bi-monthly, bias.
Enjoy the comics I did either way, and let me know if I should attempt more like this.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3


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