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Short 4: Becoming Legends
+ Bon Scott Bio Short

Here's two shorts I did in 2018 for anthologies, working with writers. The first is a 4-page all-ages fantasy, Becoming Legends, made for ComicBookHour's ORCTRA anthology back in early 2018. Written by Nick Poonamalee, it follows Nas, a dwarf who dreams of becoming a heroic necromancer. She forms her own team of misfits to fight the shoe-stealing goblin.
The other is a two-page spread bio short made for the Dead Artist Society anthology, written by Tom Lee. It's about the influential lead singer of AC|DC Bon Scott, who sang important albums like High Voltage and Highway to Hell.

Becoming Legends p1

Becoming Legends p2

Becoming Legends p3

Becoming Legends p4

Bon Scott: A Bio Short


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