My April Absence

     I've owed you guys an explanation for a while now.

     At the very end of March I announced that I would be putting the site on a sort of hiatus. It's just now that that hiatus is over. That means that for the entirety of April, no comics updated, no blogs made. Nothing. And if you weren't paying attention to my social media, you got very little in the way of a reason why. Updates continued on Tapastic (now Tapas, glad over 370 collective subscribers). But, here's the reasons:
     The big reason I wanted to stop updates was because I wanted to work on having a separate archive system for The Valve. I believe that having to consistently go back and forth with the url's when I update the two comics makes it difficult for webcomic collectives and companies to keep track. And doing this for over two years has possibly stunted my opportunities to promote and grow my comics/site.
     I've been working with Ben, who created Grawlix which powers the site, to make that second archive. However, it's proven to be more difficult then expected. I was hoping to announce this change when it was operational, but it's going to be longer then that. Please be patient.

     The other reason I stopped updating was because a large majority of early pages (J-Man #1-3 and Valve #1) were glitched and did not show when using the navigation buttons. I tried different ways to fix it but the only thing that worked was to actually delete those pages and replace them. This.......took a while. 'Specially since I was busy all month (I'll get to that).
     They're fixed now, and the size is different now, moving from 940x1410px 72dpi to 1988x3075px 30dpi. The first is the size I use for Tapas and what I've used on the site since early 2016. The second size is what I use when I want to print out my comics on Grecko. Surprisingly the second size has a less pixel weight then the first so having all the pages at that size means a faster load time and better health check.

     The last reason for the hiatus was simply that I needed time to finish my final projects for SVA. There's a couple of comics that will be on the site soon. One is a bio comic on my dad (which is currently up on Tapas but will be on the site very soon). Another is a horror comic I made for Joey Cavilleri's class, called Emily. I'm having my sister ink it so we'll see how that goes.
     The big one is my portfolio comic, which happens to be a prequel to The J-Mam, following Captain Jon Regionson Sr. 20 years ago. I won't say much, but there will be early pages on Patreon (wink, wink). It will have official updates after Book 5 ends
     Speaking of which, I got an $1000 scholarship intended on self-publishing so there's a high chance there will be 2 volumes of physical trade paperbacks of The J-Man.

     There will be updates now, but the truth is that much wasn't missed. The biggest thing was my April Fool's prank on Tapas where I turned J-Man into a BL comics (yeah, that happened!). It''l put it below, don't worry. I'm currently on the last stretch of my time in SVA. It's going to be scary and I will need to find freelance work, but I won't forget about the webcomics. Don't worry about that.

     As of now, here's some of the important changes made to site during my absence:

• All comics changed to 6.625X10.25 300 dpi to help the health code
• The J-Man shorts Movie Night and Christmas Spectacular were moved from separate archives into the main series' (between J-Man #4 and J-Man# #5)
J-Man 1933 and Cinderella migrated out of the main archives into their own separate pages. They will be a part of the Tales from the Other Side series, and everything not under J-Man or Valve will be there too

     You can comment below on what you did this past April and what you'll be doing in May. But without further ado, here's Gakuen Jaintium:

    Oh God! What have I done!


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