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Well, in a couple of hours (in NYC), 2016 will end. This has been a pretty stressful and shocking year. Some even calling it the worst year of this generation, whether being hyperbolic or not. I want to celebrate the good, and this has been a good year for the webcomics and myself as an artist. Sol let's take a quick look at some of the things that happened this year, along with some Christmas stuff that we missed.

J-Man 200 Subs on Tapastic


The first big news is that The J-Man got to celebrate another milestone with 200 subscribers on the main Tapastic site. This just happened, probably thanks to the Holiday Collab (which I'll get to). I uploaded this just in time for the last Friday of 2016, which is the best way to end the year.

Also, it's a homage to Amazing Spider-Man #100. I'm obsessed with Spider-Man and homages!

Check it out on Tapastic!

The J-Man in the Tap Holiday Collab


Probably my favorite moment of 2016 was The J-Man being a part of Tapastic's Third Annual Holiday Collab. I did a whole blog post about it back on Thanksgiving so you can read it here.

Make sure to read the comic on the site or on Tapastic.

And there's special content here! (To be on the site soon after this post)

Tap Secret Santa 2016: From Valalaraptor

/assets/images/static/2016 Tapastic Secret Santa (Valalaraptor).png

Speaking of comic homages, I got this awesome picture from Valalaraptor as part of this years Tapastic Secret Santa. It's a clear parody of Action Comics #1, the famous first appearance of Superman, mixed with a Christmas theme.

You can read their comic Mnemosyne X Powerhouse here, though be warned, it is NSFW.

Description: Everything needs energy. From people to planets to unholy cities hidden inside the moon, the call for energy is never mollified. Some things, like fire, get their energy by burning carbon-based materials. Lala gets her energy by killing unsavory characters and then drinking their blood.

Tap Secret Santa 2016: For Punkarsenic


Speaking of the Secret Santa, here's the pic I made for Punkarsenic, based on her fantasy comic There was a War, which you can read here!

Description: Balor is the daughter of a Fomor king, struck with a deadly curse and imprisoned by their people, forced to fight. Cethlenn is a prodigious mortal witch and seer of great knowledge, stolen from her home and forced to work at the Fomor keep.

Holiday Reefs of Friends and Family


A present I made for my family and my "co-workers" in SVA's Cartoon Allies club.

Top Row: The Alekseys Bottom Row: Cartoon Allies Crew

Jonny Aleksey (Me! Also Social Media/Co-Website Manager on CA)
Nancy Aleksey (Mom)
Becky Aleksey (older sis)
Matthew Aleksey (younger bro)
Mary Aleksey (younger sis)

Linnea Kataja (Club President)
Joseph Canlas (Treasury/Budget Manager)
Amanda Erskine (Email/Co-Website Manager)
Bowen McCurdy (Co-Vice-President)
Kaitlyn Musto (Co-Vice-President)
Caroline Carr (Supervisor/ Vice-Vice-President)

Christmas Header 2016


Time for an updated Holiday header!

This, of course, is a more refined version of the one from 2015, but with some changes too. I'm still Santa ('cause!). The J-Man once again has the Big Bag 'o Toys, but this time it's open to reveal the best toy sidekick, Sleepy Bear. The Valve is doing something new, as she makes a mistletoe for any lucky bachelors out there. She also has an adorbs red bow.

Side-Note: The costumes that J-Man and Sleepy Bear are wearing are the same that premiered in The J-Man Christmas Spectacular for Tapastic's Holiday Collab.

Christmas Background 2016


Since October had a Halloween background, it only seemed fitting that December should have a Christmas backdrop. This time with J-Man and Valve ornaments as well as a gently (pixely) snowfall.

Guest Art: Silversong


Let's talk about some guest art. This was also the first year I did some guest art for other comics that I read regularly. There will be a section of the site dedicated to guest art sometime soon.

This one was for the all-ages fantasy Silversong, made on 5/13/16. I love this comic and think it's perfect for anyone who wants a slightly dark Disney fairy tale mixed with Lord of the Rings.


Silversong is an high fantasy adventure comic. Tebetha is a young girl whose farsight ironically caused her to blindly stumble upon a dangerous plot aiming to tear down the Walled Kingdom



This one was part of a contest for one of comic buddies R:IL PERSONA, a very NSFW manga-inspired sci-fi epic. This was made on 6/29/16.


In a post apocalyptic future, a young assassin with extraordinary abilities awakens with amnesia, finding himself in the middle of a global conflict.

Written & Created by The StarlightCity Project, STARLIGHT CITY ENTERTAINMENT presents the weekly action fantasy & sci-fi graphic novel series, R:ILPERSONA!

Guest Art: Chronicles of Oro


The final guest art I did was for Chronicles of Oro, a comic I didn't read at first but got into as I worked on this. This is similar to Silversong, a fantasy all-ages comic. Though this comic is slightly more modern as a 21st-century teen is transported to a DnD-like fantasy world. This was created on 8/26/16.

Chronicles of Oro:

A group of teenagers think it's a good idea to fight a zombie dragon with hand-me-down jewelry.

The J-Man: Origin of the Species


The final thing I'll live you one is something to look forward to in 2017: the first collected work for The J-Man. I'm making a "Vol. 1" to premier on Comixology and hopefully Amazon Fire in pdf form. Maybe I'll make a kickstarter or something for a physical version, but let's keep our goals simple and reachable.

It will contain The J-Man issues 1-3 as well as the J-Man 1933 side story. Along with the comics it will have tons of bonus material from sketches to page step-by-steps to old vs new segments. It will hopefully be live in the first quarter of 2017.

I hope you all had a good and stress-free 2016. I know it's been hard but all we can do is move forward. Let's make 2017 better then this year. Feel free to comment below on any New Year's resolutions or traditions you have.


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