So it's been a bit of a spell since my last blog post. Nearly a year and a half it seems. Since my last post, both a lot and not enough have happened. It's a conflicting feeling about my progress with this site and my webcomics. My drive for "getting out there" has slowed. Whether it's promoting my comic or talking about my life, I've just crawled into being a hermit. Just slaving away working on webcomic pages that don't seem to progress view-wise. My "career" as an artist going nowhere. A part of me wants to talk about why my feelings were like this. A part of me just wants to ignore 2019 and just start making blog post again. I guess I'll quickly go over what last year was like before getting into changes and updates to the comics.


So, 2k19. It felt like a year that started strong for my art that slowly down as the year went on. Not all bad, mind you. More a feeling of emptiness. There was stuff I wanted to make posts about but just didn't out of indifference. Now I'm going to paraphrase what happened to me as fast as possible.

I guess I should start with the elephant in the room and talk about and that's StartFaire. The last post I made was about J-Man getting in to SF, starting from the beginning. I think I got about halfway through #3 before SF decided to close it's door. Obviously I don't hate/blame the people in charge of SF. I'm good friends with Draco and RebelVampire. I'm just sad that it could sustain itself. It really was a great publication for finding webcomics and it going away just when I was a part of it did hit a blow to my creativity.

One thing that did survive SF was the Comic Tea Party, a weeklong bookclub promoting webcomics and creators. If you want to find new comics and don't know how to I can't recommend going to the CTP discord. It also as art challenges if you're a creator. Participating in CTP more is actually one of my 2020 resolutions.

Outsides of my webcomics I'm trying to be a part of more anthologies. I drew a comic with a writer I've collabed before for the Monster Mash Anthology. We made a comic about Baba Yaga's children becoming the horseman of the apocalypse and wanted revenge on her. I finished it a year ago actually (Feb 2019), but it's taken a long time for it to be published. Our comic was actually put into Vol 2 which is currently being finalized. I'll make a post about it when it's finished (I promise) but for not you can go to Facebook page for updates.

I've also did a Spider-Man PS4 zine (which I should probably put on my Gumroad) and a lot of pics for a Guillermo del Toro fan zine. I've done three pics and some icons for it. I'm not sure when it'll be available but I will keep you posted.

The last things I'll talk about are my YouTube and Twitch channels. In late 2018 I started releasing speed draw vids and, much like my comics, updates have stalled. I haven't made a vid since last Summer. It probably has to do with a general lack of drive by last August/September (which seems to be more and more common in me has the years go on) along with nothing views. I knew going in I wasn't going to get much out of it so early but the views definitely blew me down. I'm hoping to get back into speed draw videos soon (gotta finish that MCU series). I have to approach this like webcomics, where I need to focus on whether or not I like what I'm doing, not thinking about what popularity I'll get. I have an idea for a Spider-Man comics retrospective where I draw everything. I've used Shotcut to make the speed draw vids but I might switch to Lightworks on a friends recommendation. I didn't know much about it so I want to dedicate a day to watching tutorial vids. We'll see what comes out it.

As for the Twitch, I made it around my birthday after putting up a poll on which streaming site webcomic artist thought was better for art streams. I have been inconsistent with when I stream. Another 2020 res is to stream more. Maybe have a stream day. I'm thinking late Thursday, possibly. IDK hoping to do more this February. I think it's time I talk about the future f the comics.


Regarding Mystical Valve #4. I started working on pages a few months and shocker, it's going slowly. It's partially because I want to use those new pages for a BOOM Studios submission so I putting a lil extra on it. I'm also working on just the pencils first. Some inks done, but I'm waited on colors. I'm hoping his will allow me to work on colors in between update as opposed to working on everything. I felt a change in production was necessary after the long hiatus' between pages, which was bad for J-Man but horrific for Valve. Valve #3 taking SO LONG made me rethink things. At first I was going to do half the issue before uploading but now I'm wondering if I should pencil the whole thing first. Keep the issue more consistent at the behest of a longer time before it's on the web.

I've also decided to hold off on a Volume 1 for Mystical Valve. Originally it was going to be just #1-3, the full origin story, plus some bonus stuff. But it seemed to be too short for digital book so I'm waiting until this new storyline (#4-5) are do to put it together. Maybe even a short if I can work on it.

Now with J-Man. Just now the green crime fighter was just put into the Collective of Heroes. Check the sidebar! This was another 2020 res. I submitted a few years back (probably 2016) an never heard back. After I became more antiquated with the other people on that site I wanted to resubmit but didn't until this January. Go click the lil button thing on the sidebar to check out the other hero comics.

As for J-Man comic itself, I actually made an image detailing what's next after #6 for my mirrors. So I'm going to put it below and end the blog post. I'm going to make an effort to post more updates in 2020 then I did last year. So I'll so you next time.

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