Birthday, Halloween, Christmas, Oh My!

     We've just reached the Fall season of 2016 (my favorite season) and that means we're fast approaching the big holidays of the year. So this blog is mostly going to cover what I'm working on, what's changing, and what to expect. It's not anything insane but here's the scoop.

My Birthday!

     Oct 3rd, next Monday, will be my 21st birthday. That means I'll finally be able to drink alcohol..........legally (shhhhh!) Now I don't celebrate my birthday that much. I've never really had a huge party or anything, it's always been low-key. I'm trying to get some friends to have dinner with me and just hang out.
     As for comics, I'm thinking of doing a livestream the Sunday before. Maybe answer some questions, talk about stuff I like. Maybe tell you guys my favorite presents from the last two decades. Again, very low-key. We'll see what happens.


     IT'S SPOOKY SEASON! If you don't know, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I always go big for it. Watching horror movies all month long, specials like Simpsons, Charlie Brown, and Cinemassacre's Monster Madness (This year is the 10th and final MM. Both excited and melancholy.). I'll be going to my last SVA Halloween party this year. And of course, the annual Halloween Intermission.
     Last year I did homages to The Thing and The Evil Dead with J-Man and Valve respectively. I want to make this tradition so this year I'm make homage posters of the two most popular and well-known slasher franchises of all time. What are they? You'll have to wait until the final week of October to see them.
     I'm getting these and the Halloween website designs finished early to make time in October to work on another holiday celebration.....


     Now you're probably groaning hearing about Christmas before October has even started but I gotta tell about it. Since 2011, I believe, Tapastic.com hosts an annual Holiday Collab where many different creators on the site make a loosely connected comic about Christmas. This year they asked me to be a part of it, which is a huge deal. Aside from being in the biggest bestest community on the site, my comic will be heavily promoted and will forever be in the archives for this year's event; which could be a huge boost for me.
     Now, the due date is Nov 5th and I have a 6-page short in mind with Radio City and a giant Robo-Santa. This means that the majority of my attention in October will be this comic. This is why I'm trying to get my Halloween stuff finished early. Now, J-Man: Movie Night and Cinderella will continue without much trouble, since they're already finished. However, Valve #3 may suffer delays, and J-Man #5 (which debuts Oct 21st) as well. I as that you be patient with me since this Christmas comic is very important to me.
     The Christmas comic is scheduled to debut on Dec 12th, so I hope you show up on Tapastic for when I goes up as well as to see the other great comics that are a part of it. The comic will be on the site as well, but maybe a few days after, since I want to put focus on Tapastic. But maybe not. I don't know, it's not until December.

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     With all that being said, I can a sure you that I will do my best to keep my standard of quality in these hectic months to come. The posters for Halloween are finished and I think you'll love them as much as I do. Stay safe this Spooky-tober, and stay away from those cemeteries. They're bad news.
     If you'd like, comment below on what you're doing this Halloween season. I'm always curious.

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