The Christmas J-Man
has come to town!

     Wows! Another year of the bat. 2017 wasn't as productive for the comic as last year. We're still on J-Man #5 and Valve #3 (thou J-Man will be wrapping up soon), we haven't gotten as many new subscribers, and there's been lots of delays. But we should focus on the good during this season. I finally graduated college, SVA Cartooning BFA. My comics, though delayed a lot, have improved greatly art wise. We finally have got separate archives for all the comics on this site. And let's not forget the release of The J-Man Vol. 1 (which you can buy at the side bar--->)

     So now that we got the greetings out of the way let's get to the meat of this blog. Last week I released on Twitter (@jonny_aleksey) a bunch of J-Man themed Christmas cards to my webcomic colleges. 18 in total. Now they're finally on the site, with links to each comic (or art blogs for some). Please check them all out when you can. They make some of the best stuff on the web and could always use more support.

     (Side note: I was originally going to release this with a new J-Man page but I got terribly sick these last few days. What a way to end the year)

R : IL Persona



Oops Comic Adventure

The Angel with the Black Wings

Tales from the Well


WintreKitty Reviews




Demon House


Aether Eternius

Heroic Shenanigans

Freak of Nature



     And before we end this year's celebrations lets take a look at the December's unique background. I was doing a lot of stuff this month and was very distracted. That's why we didn't get as many changes for Christmas as we did for Halloween last October. No new website headers or J-Man/Valve title cards. But we at least got this background, and isn't that what Christmas about? Celebrating what we have, not regretting what we don't?

     Oh I'm getting mushy now. Enjoy your New Year you crazy kids!

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