J-Man on StArt Faire
and other updates

     Hey guys. This update is long overdue. I was feeling pretty bummed about webcomics when this news was fresh; mostly about a lack of paying gigs, lack of communication with the outside world, and my webcomics taking too long to finish with little viewership (talkin' about J-Man #5.) It was half me depressing myself out and actually real life forces at play. But as of recently I've been feelin' pretty good. I got some clean up work ahead of me, the webcomics been going strong, and I'm now part of a friendly and awesome comics collective (of sorts).

     I'll get to that announcement in a sec but first I really want to thank everyone on Tapas for making March my most viewed/profitable month since last July. And that's pretty crazy because the main reason July was hot was because of the guest crossover comic I did for one of my webcomic BFF's Oops Comic Adventure and a lot of that audience check me out from that. (You can read the short here with a link to their comic)

     March, however, has been good solely on itself. J-Man: First Contact started last month and thanks to it being finished months ago the webcomic has had consistent updates since the beginning of #4 all the way back in 2016. Pages each week plus the Q&A's (one is coming BTW) lead to 7 updates for March, blowing the previous months out of the park. I really makes me happy that my comic is only being held back by my shitty schedule. Once I get my shit together I could be one of the big boys!


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     Ok, now I want to get to the meat of the blog post. As of the March issue, The J-Man began mirroring on StArt Faire magazine. For the unenlightened StArt Faire is run by another webcomic BFF Draco Plato (Zenchav), CalimonGraal (Psychteria), and Rebel Vampire (RV Reviews). It's a free-to-read online mag that syndicates a large variety of webcomics. There's exclusives to the mag, mirrored comics, one-time features, and event written works like comic tutorials and reviews. As you can guess, I signed up for J-Man to be mirrored on the mag. Starting with March the comic started from the first page with 7-10 pages updates in every monthly issue. With about fives issues of the comic plus the prequel and shorts, I calculated a buffer of over a year-and-a-half which definitely makes me feel good.

     Another great thing about SF is that they have their own discord. It's a cool place for both creators and readers to interact and just chill. It feels great to just talk with other creatives about nonsense when I'm doing comic work, making friends and feeling good about myself. There's places to share art, complain, and event art trade events. I really recommend joining the group, especially if you make webcomic. Here's the invite link, though you do need to have a discord account.


     Before I sign off I'd like to announced other updates. One is The Valve. It's being very neglected, I won't lie. I've been working on the pencils and such for the last five pages. I intend to release them after those pages are done so I can upload them more frequently. After #3 is finally done I plan to do a short 5-7 side story like I've done to J-Man. After that I'm putting on official hiatus. No more bullshit, stringing readers along. I need to finish a sizable amount of #4 before publishing it.Though I will also be working on a Vol 1 for Valve like I've done for J-Man (Which you can still by! Go to the side bar above!!!!)

     Site wise I am going to make some updates. One is adding a Storyboard section. I want to get into storyboarding as a job and I think this site should showcase my work in that area. This will mostly be for job purposes but readers are free to look at them too. Another is the fan art pages. I think sometime soon I'm going to delete and redo them. After I upgraded Grawlix a lot of images got glitched with the fan arts getting hit the worst. Looking through the goofed page made my want to change it outright. I tried to make multiple page streamline it for people but it's honeslty made it more cumbersome, especially to update on my front. So it's going, and in it's place one long page of pictures with updated descriptions.

     Blog wise, there's going to be some things to look forward to. It's been some time since my last movie review. I have been seeing movies, a lot actually. I just keep putting it off until it no longer became relevant. I actually intended to do a 2017 year-in-review for December but run out of time (and was incredibly sick). So to make up for that I'm going to do an MCU countdown to lead up to Infinity War and celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Marvel Studios itself. If you've read my "Thoughts on the Disney Renaissance", which you should, it's the same idea. I'll be counting down each movie from least to most favorite. I might have to section it by Marvel's "phases" 'cause there's, like, 20 fricking movies. I'll be counting down the TV shows too. Look forward to that!

     Also I might be doing a blog post on my thoughts of the debacle going on with Channel Awesome. TGWTG and Nostalgia Critic were a huge part of my teens years and I still watch him to this day. He's actually one of the few YouTubers my mom enjoys and we watch it together. But it's difficult to ignore the #ChangeTheChannel shit storm going on. Might be a difficult read.

     So with all of the out of the way please go to StArt Faire, read those awesome comics, and have fantastic life.

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