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     If you're a recurring reader, you may notice something amiss on the site. New Color? No. New Type Face? Nah. New Haircut? Nope. Then what?!

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Jonny Button

     Oh yeah. The name's changed................why's that?
     I've been wanting to change the name for some time now. you see, I've brought this up before but the webcomic is actually a somewhat reboot of the original six issues I made in high school. The series was just called "Jonny" (refered to as Jonny Original Mini-Series or J-OMS for short on the site). I can't remember the exact reasons I decided to name it that instead of the superhero persona. It might've been because I originally wanted the focus on Jonny Regionson Jr's life as opposed to the superhero life. It could have been that I named it "Jonny" because the character was somewhat based on a gag strip I drew waaaay back in 4th grade, and that was just called "Jonny". Or, in all honesty, it could have been a subconscious move geared toward my own teenage egotism.
     Anyway, the point is is that when I started working on the webcomic back in early 2014, the J-OMS was still fresh in my mind and I was only concerned with redueing the first two issue of J-OMS. So it didn't occur to me to change the name. But once I got about halfway through Book 3: Partners, I began to question my choice in keeping the name
     You see, a name of a series should tell you right of the bat what this series is about. While I think you should be allowed to name your comic anything you want, you have to be aware of if your name fits. For example, some of the webcomics I read are Silversong, Oops Comic Adventure, and R: ILPERSONA. Before reading the comics, you can guess what they will be like. Silversong is a fantasy comic. Oops Comic Adventure is an adventure comic with a more light-hearted/comedic tone. And R: ILPERSONA is a more harsher book in tone with a techno-type setting. These are all great titles. Jonny Web Series is not.
     I think my other comics have better names. The Valve Web Series, though not a traditional superhero name, still sounds like one to me. Plus, it could refer to either the superhero Valve herself or the artifact "The Valve of Order and Chaos" too. The "Tales" part of Tales from the Other Side informs us that it's an analogy series. As well, characters with a name like "_-Man" or "_-Woman" have been engraved in our culture to refer to superheroes. So, in the end, I believe that The J-Man Web Series is a better fit for my comic then Jonny Web Series.
     This isn't a big change and after a month or so, it will seem normal. I just wanted to get this off my chest and explain to you folks why the change happened. Obviously my printed version of Book 3: Partners (which you can buy here) will still have the old name. As well, you'll notice the url's from parts of this site and on my mirror sites might still refer to "Jonny". I won't change these due to convenience. It would take too long to change them all as well as every other thing that links to it.
     That's about it. Between Two Fires and Jonny 1933 (Which I might rename soon too but then I'd have to alter the actual cover) will continue to update. The Valve Web Series is on a (hopefully) small break as I work on other stuff and it's Book 3. Have a great day, folks.

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