After Con Updates and Christmas stuff

December 6th, 2015

So my cons are over and I think it went fairly well. I sadly didn't make the money back on my Wintercon investment, but it was more about exposure then money. I did make enough to pay for another month of bus fair, so there's that.

Surprising, the product I had the most sales was the print version of Valve Web Series Book 1. Not that it's shocking that that book 1 would do well, since I put all my heart and mind into it, but because the Jonny Web Series tends to get more then double Valve's views. Maybe because Valve was the first book whereas I just skipped 1 & 2 and print Jonny Book 3. Idonkno! At least Valve is starting get the respect it deserves.

Anyhow, the cons.

SVA's Holiday Bazaar:

It was alright. Not a lot of people has the Fresh-Meat event in May, but it was good. It might have been the fact that I was with friends that it didn't so long (even though it was only 3 hours). I goofed a lot and even made a friend or two.

WinterCon Day 1:

This was the big day for me. My first con lone and I think I did pretty good. Like i said, Valve Book 1 did well, along with some Gravity Falls and Alien prints, and some Jonny/Valve stickers. I also talked with other tablers, including my Sophomore ink teacher Nelson DeCastro who's recent works include Marvel's Venom and DC's Lobo books. I also my be making money drawing a comics for someone, but nothing concrete yet.

WinterCon Day 2:

Day 2 was less then better then the previous. I only sold one print and one comic. I attribute it to Star Wars hype. They had A LOT of Star Wars related events and with the new film coming out, most people only wanted either Star Wars or Star Wars-like products. There were enough people interested in indie comics and such for day 1, but it was more evident on day 2. It's a little annoyed because I'm not that big a Star Wars and am not really interested in see Episode VII, at least in theaters. Hopefully it will be better at Big Apple Con in the Spring when the hype dwindles.

Christmas stuff

As for the holidays, I have some plans. Firstly, I'm doing a Secret Santa on Tapastic that's due on the 20th, so I'll be working on that, but it shouldn't take long. I also want to make special Christmas intermission pics for the site. They won't be as elaborate as my Halloween posters but they won't suck. Hopefully, they won't suck. They even reveal some things about the character's past. Ooooooohhhhhh!

So there may still be delays in page updates, especially seeing that finals are still going on. Please be patient and Happy (almost) Holidays!

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