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     Small update this time. Along with Tapastic and LINE Webtoon, the comics of Jonny AlekseyDrawsComics.com will be heading to the mobile app Pop Comics.

     Pop is very similar to Tapastic's app (now called Tapas). It's a mobile-oriented app allowing comic creators of every level to upload their work and even make some muloa from ad revenue. If you don't have a laptop/desktop or you just don't have time to lopen the sites, mobile apps like this are a good way to keep up with your favorite creators and to support them.

     Starting next Friday (07/15/16), The J-Man Web Series will officially debut on Pop with the first six pages of Book 1: An Origin Story and will update every Friday afterwards with six pages each (with some exceptions). I'll be updating them in chronological order. That means The Valve Web Series will start upload right after TJWS #2 ends and J-Man 1933 will start after TJWS #3 ends.

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     This is the Pop's schedule right now:

TJWS#1 07/15/16
TJWS#2 08/12/16
TVWS#1 09/12/16
TJWS#3 09/16/16
TVWS#2 10/10/16
J-Man 1933 10/12/16
TJWS#4 10/21/16

     It will take some time before Pop reaches where we are now, and even that there will (hopefully) be much more pages by then. It might some counterproductive to update Pop so slowly to everything else, but my updates haven't been the best. It will be nice to have some backlog buffer, even if it is for one app with two-year old pages.

     Do you have Pop on your phone? Do you like/dislike? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below and have a great day!

     And also, thanks to the creators of Shadowbinders for introducing me to Pop. you can find a link to their comic in the side bar to the right. Give them a read and if you do get the app, make sure to subscribe to them (after subbing to me first, of course).

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