The Hauntingly Late
Halloween Post

     Oh, do I have stories!

     So lots of sh*t happened since my last post. From late August through September I was on the road through America. I made pics for each day, they're all on my Instagram (@jonnyalekseywashere). A zine will be coming soon when I get my sh*t together. But on to Halloween! I talked a lot about what I like to do in October for spook season in my last years post so check that out here. Instead lets talk about the legit scariest Halloween week I've had.

     SO! Three days before the holiday during a dark and stormy night (4 relz), electrical wires in my neighborhood started sparking. Eventually it got so bad it set a tree on fire. Everyone's internet and cable were down. We were all bored. Well, I was good because I had got Super Mario Odyssey before it happened and had just been binging that for two weeks.

Buy this game! It will cure your cancer!

     Sorry for that tangent. Anyway, no internet. I had to use up all my phone's gig's to upload the Halloween posters to the site/mirrors. Super shame too cause I was damn proud of this year's specials and I couldn't do sh*t for promoting it! We didn't have anything until at least a week n a half later. It was really bad for freelance work. I've been doing clean ups for my teacher for a while but I had to upload the images to Dropbox and the only way to do that was to go to my local library and their wifi SUCKED and......

     ...before I go on any more tangents, here's all the spooky Halloween stuff I had for October in case you missed it, but first, I did another Tapas Forum Art Event for Halloween. Check it out here! Now on to the site stuff:

Scary website header! I'm a good death because I've been dead inside for years!

The J-Man header, featuring the Jaintium Alien!

The Valve header, featuring the Demon Valve!

The J-Man homaging Tales from the Crypt #37 The Valve homaging Tales from the Crypt #41

Click either to see them in detail.

J-Man & Valve are ready for the Skeleton Wars™.

     So that's all the Halloween stuff. Lots of fun this year, and I'm hoping to make December even bigger ;) Also, I haven't made an official announcement of this but I've been working on a series for someone else for the past few months. It's a sci-fi horror series of sorts following an anti-hero serial killer. It's called To Suffer the Living and if you lover Dexter and 80's cyberpunk, be sure to check it out here. I'll be working on the first five episodes. Afterwards is unclear as I need to focus on freelance work to, ya know, pay bills and sh*t.

It's on Tapas and Webtoon, though be warned, it is for mature audiences.

    I guess the last thing I should mention is that I started working on the election polls so I was working last Tuesday from 5am to 9pm with four hours of sleep and it was raining.......so I wasn't too happy, but I need that cash money, ya dig?!

    Other then all that I'll be working to optimize the site to make the reading experience better. I'll finally fix the Tales from the Other Side archive to be one full series like J-Man, finally fix my Comic Rocket and TopWebcomics mirrors to match the site now, and other things I wish I could hire someone to do. Hope you had a good ol' Hallows Eve, continue to have a good end of the year, and that you pick up Super Mario Odyssey (it's sooooooo good!)

    DUMBA$$ UPDATE!!!: My internet went out right when I was writing this post about my internet being out, so this is going up even later then expected. This whole blog post is one big joke and I'm the punchline!

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