Big Summer Blowout!!!

     Oh f#%$ me, I'm just gonna skip the "been-a-while apologies" and get to the good stuff.

     Some awesome things are happening to the site and my comics this summer but one thing has already happened: MULTIPLE BOOK ARCHIVES!!!! (wow)
     What those that me? Well, after 2+ years of this site, The J-Man and The Valve are finally on separate urls. I will no longer have to go back and change urls to update the two comics because they will no longer effect each other. It's so nice to not have to continue this archaic method. (Though I did just finish make freeform static pages for my Tales from the Other Side comics which will now have to go..........)
     In my last blog update (Which was two months ago. Come on, Jonny! what's wrong with ya?!) I said that Ben (Grawlix creator) and I were working together to make a second archive for The Valve, but we were doing a more complex method that involved a whole new subdomain. It didn't work out well, but shortly afterwards he come to me with the beta for Grawlix v1.5, which has the bookshelf feature. This lets me make different archives for different comics.
     Thankfully it's working pretty well. I haven't made a third comic (yet) and it's still beta so I'm looking through pages to make sure everything is right. But right now I finally have the site I've wanted back in 2015. All I have to do is fix the supplementary site links (like Comic Rocket and TopWebcomics) and we'll be sitting pretty.

     The site isn't the only big news,
The J-Man Vol 1 is finally available!!!!

     The volume collects the first three issues of the webcomic and J-Man '33 comic, along with other bonuses. As the image above says you can purchase both print and digital versions. There are new buttons on the side bar to your right (don't they look fancy?) with a section for the new volume. Click either the Gumroad or Kindle buttons to check out the comics! (A comixology version is on the way)

     Along with Vol 1, a special event is happening on my Patreon:

The J-Man Special #1!

     If you remember, my big final for SVA was a prequel to The J-Man, following a young Captain Regionson. Things are going slower then usual (maybe slow is the usual for me) so I'm giving my Patrons a gift. Pledge a $1 a month and you can read the whole story as I upload it. (You can find my Patreon page through the new button on the sidebar as well)

Road Trip!

     Comics will be going as normal, though I am doing other work that might get in the way. But most importantly I'll be out of New York City this August. My brother is going to Oxy College, so me, him, and my mom are going to take a month-long road trip from NY to California. Now, I'm going to try and get my programs working on my mom's laptop so that I could work on the road, but it's not final. Hopefully I can keep the comics going but it is a vacation so....
     Either way I will be bring my mini sketch book so I can make little documents of the trip. Cute little tid bits of things that'll be made into a mini comic, so look forward to that. Otherwise, go out and enjoy yourselves, my buddies!

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