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Holiday Collab 2016

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     Today marks the start of Tapastic.com's 3rd annual Holiday Collab. The collab is an event where a bunch of comic creators get together to make a collection of comics from their unique series based around the December Holiday Season. And this year, I'm a part of it.

     In the first year, it was a small group of creators who made a poster with all their characters. The next was more complicated, as each comic directly lead into each other as the characters passed down a present for Tapastic's mascot Mr. Tap. (BTW, I made a small contribution to that event)

     This year, though simpler in premise, is the most dense yet, as we have two creators a day until Christmas. With 50+ comics, there's a lot of series to keep up with. Luckliy, the image above links to the main page so you can keep track. With this event, the connecting theme is that Mr. Tap is collecting Christmas cards from every character and the comic is essentially the antics involved in making that card.

     My submission, The J-Man Christmas Spectacular, will be about Jonny Regionson Jr. trying to fight off a robotized Santa Claus inside the Radio City Music Hall during it's famous Christmas Show. It will premiere on The J-Man tapastic page on the morning of December 12th. It will be partnered with Kayla Miller's superhero comedy Creep.

     I've been telling people that Tapastic is quickly becoming the "YouTube of Webcomics", and I think these events are strongly helping my case. There's tons of massive webcomic site (some of which I use), but none of them do this sort of event where creators work together and make something of this caliber. At least to my knowledge. I hope that you have the chance to take a look at everyone involved in this event and help support them.

     The short will upload shortly (heh) on the site after it premiers on Tapastic, but in time for Christmas. (There may be a shared Christmas intermission for J-Man/Valve, but this will be more then enough and took a long time to make.) I hope you guys have a great Holiday Season.

     Oh, and if you haven't, check out my recent thoughts on the movies of the Disney Renaissance (1989-99)

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