The Tapas

Tipping Program

     This is for you mobile users! Tapas, Tapastic's iOS/Android app, is the best way to read The J-Man and The Valve on the go. It's easy to read, in best quality, and the staff had added a new feature that allows YOU to help your favorite creators. This is the Tipping Program and............
     Ya know, I made a whole comic detailing the Tipping Program. So I'm gonna stop rambling and let you read for yourself. Without further ado....

     Wow! Thanks J-Man and Valve!
     I hope this helped you to understand the system. If you want more knowledge, there's an official staff post in the forums about tipping. I strongly recommend the app. Not just to tip *wink wink* but also because it's an awesome app and the best way to read comics on your phone.
     Desktop users can still support me by viewing either the site or Tapastic with Ad Blocker turned off. Or you donate directly through my Patreon. There's some cool rewards even for just $1 a month.
     That's enough self-promotion for now. I've got comics to work on. Comment below what you think of the new Tipping Program and any experiences you have had with the Tapas App, and make sure to have a good day.

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