WintreKitty's Newest OC Contest
Drawn by me!

     Hello, bois n gerls! You guys remember WinterKitty? She's a freelance webcomic reviewer that's been making the rounds on Tapas for a while now, becoming the premier reviewer for the site. She even reviewed The J-Man a LLLOOOOOOONNNGGGG ways back when it was still under "The Jonny Web Series" title (god I hate that title now). Any who, along with reviews she has been hosting OC contest (Link to the contest series on Tapas). These are competitions where people are tasked with creating a new character based on the rules given. The most unique can get anything from tapas coins to money prizes.

     Each contest is accompanied by a comic to detail the rules and I had the fortune of drawing this newest contest. Here's my piece detailing all the rules:

     So there's all rules on the contest. If you want more details, or to submit your entry, click this link to be taken to her site. Each submission will be posted on Tapas. I'd love to see each one of your designs and good luck to everyone who enters!

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