Artist Commissions

Artist Commissions

If you're reading this then you are (hopefully) interested in getting artwork from me. Like any online artist, commissions are my bread-n-butter and I'm always looking for work. I do both character drawings, illustrations, and comic pages. For character art I'm up for original characters, fan art, and even my characters if you want. Comic pages I prefer to do original stories an not fan comics.

I also must ask that you pay me half on request, with the rest after it's finished; to insure that I'm not wasting my time. This is not to say anything about you in particular but there are a lot of people who expect to get art for free and I have been burned by "exposure" and "percentages" before. All prices are negotiable. The picture is more of a base.

There are two ways to contact me for commissions. You can either email me at jonnyalekseywashere(at)gmail(dot).com or DM my twitter @jonny_aleksey. If you email me please title you email properly, something like "commissions" or something. (I get a lot of junk and I tend to delete without reading much) Thanks for looking at this and I hope to making something great for you.

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