If you are a frequent reader or a new comer I want to thank you for checking out my comic. Being a webcomic and a website, I have the opportunity to reach a lot of people without having to worry about publishing and printing and all that other comic shop nonsense. And you get to read The J-Man Web Series, The Valve Web Series, and many more for free. This, however, does give me the disadvantage that for the most part I'm working most of my time for little-to-no money.

First off, you can ask me for COMMISSIONS! WWWOOOooooooo! Below is the complete listing template for my commissions, from inked busts, colored full bodies, to even fully colored comic pages.
If you're interested, please email me at And send payments to my PayPal.
Title your emails with “Commission Request”. Please be through in your order descriptions. And prices may vary depending on the requested image size and level of detail.

Also, if you want a better look at the posters and comic pages, click the links below:
R: Il Persona (Inked Poster)
Silversong (Colored Poster)
J-Man 1933 p16 (Inked Comic Page)
The J-Man #4 p17 (Colored Comic Page)

Before I go on I do want to make it clear that goal one is just to make good action-packed comics for you guys and have fun while doing it. I have no plans to make my comics purely pay-to-read in the near future. But I am a college student, high in debt (thanks US education system!), and Google Ads and Project Wonderful can only go so far. So if you like my comics and what to help me out, here are a couple of ways of doing so:

Spread the Word!

The easiest way of supporting me is to help spread the word. You can do this by commenting on pages and sharing pages on social media. Every comic page has sections for sharing on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.
If you yourself have a webcomics site; first of all, we should totally hang out online or something. Second, you can put this button in your contacts to help you readers find out my stuff. And I could link to your website with your button on mine.

Patreon and PayPal

The best way to support me, however, is to support my on Patreon. Most artist use Patreon nowadays because it allows fans to directly pay their favorite artist montgly in exchange for rewards.
My rewards include:

Seeing pages early for $1 a month
A monthly sketch of anything from the series for $5 a month
Free PDF's of every Special Edition version of JWS and TVWS issues for $10 a month.

As you can see, you only have to pledge one dollar a month to support me. You click this snazzy button to go to my page.

Patron Button

You can also donate directly through PayPal with this button:


ComiXology is the major publisher in digital comics media and always anyone from the Big Two to indie publishers to self-publishers to put comics up there. That means the I can put my comics up there, too. Seeing as my website has the comics for free, it didn't make much sense to just put them up there expecting people to buy. So as an extra treat I put Special Edition versions of completed issues on TJWS and TVWS.
The Special Editions will include fixed grammar (which is one of my biggest short comings), brightened images, and concept art. Concept Art includes sketches from both my sketch book and computer, setting diagrams, story outlines, page process examples showing outline to ink to color. And all Concept Art will have full commentary from myself. Click the image below to go to my ComiXology page, though you can also go to my store page to see each one

Webcomic Related Websites

There are a couple of websites dedicated to promoting and publishing websites that I'm a part of that you can check out. Some a sites like Tapastic and WebToon are places where I upload pages and you can subscribe to my comics and interact with me. Other sites like Top-Webcomics and Comic Rocket where you can keep up to date with updates and help spread the word. Click the images to go to my pages on these sites.

Publishing Sites

Tapastic WebToon

Promotion Sites

Webcomic List Top Webcomics Comic Rocket
The Webcomic List
Project Wonderful

Lastly, if you have a site and would like to advertise on my site, you can use Project Wonderful to big for ad space. For a bid as small as $0.01 you can have you banner-sized ad (468x60px) appear on every comic, blog and concept art page. There are two PW ads on my site, one that appears generally in the middle of comic and blog pages, and one the shows on the footer of the site. You can click the image below to got to my profile and place bids on my ad space.

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