The J-Man Web Series: Old vs. New

Well, it's time to embarrass myself. Most of you are probably unaware that the Jonny Web Series is actually a sort of reboot of the 6-issue mini series I made in High School which I have dubbed the Jonny Original Mini-Series (or J:OMS for short). In short, they'er bad. REALLY BAD! Like all artist, I thought they were good at the time but as you grow your skills over time you start to see the flaws in your earlier work. And the J:OMS has some serious flaws.

I will not upload the entire J:OMS on the site because it is a Patreon reward (which you check my Patreon page here!), but you will see snipets of pages here. There is no schedule for this, but I will post on my social media sites when a new one uploads.

So go have fun mocking me in the comments!

1.) Origin Story cover (Book 1)

2.) Sedating Sergei (Book 2)

3.) Sleepy Bear saves the J (Book 3)

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