Take a look through the different versions of the website headers.
*Note: Early banners list The J-Man Web Series in it's original name the "Jonny Web Series".

Main Header 2015-2016

The normal header from the launch date of May 2015 to May 2016, before the Jonny Web Series was rebranded to The J-Man Web Series. It features the J-Man on the right, The Valve on the left, and me smack dab in the middle. Look at that suit! I clean up nice!

Christmas 2015

Our seasonal banner for December 2015. I'm of course St. Nick. Valve uses her light powers to make herself the Red-Nosed Rudolph. And J-Man is carrying the ginormous bag 'a toys.

Side-Note: J-Man is wearing his winter suit (or just his hoodie). It will be some time before The J-Man Web Series "reaches" winter, but he will wear that when the cold season comes.

Women's History Month 2016

March is the US National Month of Women's History and for March 2016, The Valve takes center stage. The banner also linked to the Official WHM Website.

Pride Month 2016

When this banner uploaded on June 13th 2016, a great tragedy happened in Orlando the day before. We won't get too dark and serious here, but this banner was made to show support both for Orlando, and the LGBT community in large.
The original banner linked to The Official New York Pride site.

Main Header 2016-2017

It's amazing how much can change in a year. A full year after making the site, I have improved my anatomy, increased my coloring abilities, changed/updated my characters costumes. Hell, I even changed the Jonny Web Series to The J-Man Web Series.

The J-Man started almost two years since writing this, and had that name for that time. If you count the comics I made in High School, the series had the Jonny name for almost five whole years (Sept 2011 to July 2016). If you want more details, I made a whole blog post about it.

The Valve hasn't changed much, but she's only just past one year of existence last March, so give it time.

This was the header from May 2016 to May 2017.

Halloween Header 2016

It's October. The Season of the Witch. The Month of Monsters. The Day the Dead Rise. HALLOWEEN!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the costumes, the horror films, the parades. It's great! As such, I had to go all out. I made both this header and an animated background for the site with J-Man and Valve Jack-o-Lantern. And of course, the (now) annual Halloween posters for the comics.

Check out this big blog post made for Halloween 2016 to see everything involved with this header!

So in this header, The J-Man and The Valve are hideous zombies and I am the Grim Reaper. It's gory and horrifying and I love it!

Christmas Header 2016

It's December again. Time for an updated Holiday header!

This, of course, is a more refined version of the one from 2015, but with some changes too. I'm still Santa ('cause!). The J-Man once again has the Big Bag 'o Toys, but this time it's open to reveal the best toy sidekick, Sleepy Bear. The Valve is doing something new, as she makes a mistletoe for any lucky bachelors out there. She also has an adorbs red bow.

Side-Note: The costumes that J-Man and Sleepy Bear are wearing are the same that premiered in The J-Man Christmas Spectacular for Tapastic's Holiday Collab.

Main Header 2017

Another year, another change. And this is the starkest change we've had so far. This image was original created for my bio on SVA's FreshMeat site. FreshMeat is SVA's in-house comic con run by the students, and my last one (sad reacts).

I liked the image so much I decided to use it for my site. Though I still love my old headers, this one feels more like a portfolio site and a little less cheesy. It's also more aesthetically pleasing for the site name to be out in the open rather than in that box.

This banner started in the beginning of May 2017, and I hope you like it!

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