The J-Man Character Sheet


This character sheet is mostly used to make sure characters look right in both drawing and color, though I have also used it to estimate a character's size relative to anothers.

Currently showing character's from Books 1-5. Will be updated with each book.

Jonny Regionson Jr.'s Room


Setting model for Jonny's room.

Abraham Anderson's Room


Setting model for Abe's room.

Tapastic 25th Subscriber


On my Tapastic site I like to give out special thank you cards to every 25 subscribers. Here's the first one for #25. Cupcakes, yay!

Tapastic 50th Subscriber


Big cakes for a big event!

Tapastic 75th Subscriber


It's a little worn-for-wear, but #75 is big celebration. It deserves a big statue.

Tapastic 100th Subscriber Poster (with Icons)


The big one-hundo!!! Such a milestone deserves a grand poster. I incorporated all 100 of my readers Tapastic icons in to the image, though you can see the original image without the icons below.

Tapastic 100th Subscriber Poster (without Icons)


The milestone poster by itself.

Evolution of the The J-Man Web Series


*2016 Update!

This isn't so much an evolution of the actual webcomic, as it is a look at my own evolution as an artist.

Started waaay back in 2011, I found a bunch of old comedy comics I did as a child. They were about a kid named Jonny (I wasn't too original with naming back then) going on adventures. The character would eventually morph into my superhero the J-Man with the first comic being made in 2011, and then readjusted for the start of the webcomic in mid/late 2014.

Just for fun I took those old comics, as well as some old sketchbooks, and tried my best to recreate the look of a 6-year-old me drawing to contrast with a 16-year-old me.

I updated it in 2012 but never touched it since. For the 100 sub palooza, I updated it again for 2015 and it's safe to say I've greatly improved. Actually it looks like the span from 2012 to 2015 was like a growth spurt for me artistically. Goes to show what working on a webcomic for two years can do to your art.

Never give up, folks!

BTW sorry for the bad scans. This is from on old JPEG and I don't know where the original image is. If I find it I may update this.

Christmas Spectacular: Card Step-by-Step


A special Step-by-Step for the card in the Christmas Spectacular, part of Tapastic's 2016 Holiday Collab.

You can read the full comic here!

Tapastic 200th Subscriber Poster


Another big milestone as the year of 2016 has ended. This will be the last time I do a poster with everyone's icons, as I probably won't be able to fit more then 200 XD

Homage to The Amazing Spider-Man #100

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