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Cyndi Foster 1

assets/images/static//Cyndi Foster_J-Man_Valve.jpg

A couple of months ago Cyndi Foster, who co-creates the webcomic Oops Comics Adventure on Tapastic. We've been fans/friends of each other since we've both started on Tapastic in 2014. When she reached 1000 collective subs she made Icons for anyone who wanted it. I asked for J-Man and The Valve and I got it!

Cyndi is such a cool dude and you should really check out her comic Oops Comic Adventure. It's a great all ages comic in the spirit of Bone and one I regularly keep with.

Kendra Josie Kirkpatrick


Kendra, one of my higher up chums at SVA, had a table at MoCCA Fest '16 and was doing Egyptian sketches. I asked her to do a version of the J-Man is ancient Egypt, and she made this. I actually did my own full body/colored version based on sketch. Maybe one of these days I'll do a Tales from the Other Side on this.

Her comics website!

Alex Graudins 2


Character sketch night at Cartoon Allies for Valentine's Day 2015. Alex strikes back. I always love her drawings, and this one's no exception.

Check out her Tumblr art blog!

Cathi Chavers 2

assets/images/static//Cathi Chavers 2.png

Character sketch night at Cartoon Allies for Valentine's Day 2015. It's Cathi again, with a MEGA PUNCH picture!

Cathi's Art Tumblr



Character sketch night at Cartoon Allies for Valentine's Day 2015. A cool down shot by someone signed AT. Sadly I don't have his/her name. If by chance you're reading this, I appreciate ya!

Alex Alvai


Character sketch night at Cartoon Allies for Valentine's Day 2015. Made by Alex Alvai, I have no idea why an ant is here.

Thanks Alex! Thalex!

William J. Bowels


I participating in the Secret Santa 2015 event hosted by jjfresh in the forums. This is the image I got.

It was made by William J. Bowles who makes Outcast Kingdom on Tapastic.

My only request was that I wanted The J to be fighting one of the villains introduced in the series. S/He choose to use the powerhouse from Book 2, Sergei Sternoff. The J has him in a strangle hold, which shows much more technique and intelligence then The J actually showed in the story. So you could say that this is happening some time after that, when Jonny has gained more experience.

I really like this pic and glad I joined in.




Done on a "sketch your character" thread on the Tapastic fourms. She did both the J-Man and the Creature and it looks great.

Check out Cici's comic From Dust to Ruination!


assets/images/static//Noodle (linguinwithsauce).jpg

Done as the last Inkblazers Secret Santa before the site shut down in February 2015. Possibly the first time I've seen my characters drawn in an anime style. Very surreal, but cool.

Check out Noodle's comic Epsilon21!

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