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My livestream channel

Me on Picarto

Picarto is a website where artist can livestream drawing their digital art and converse with viewers in the chat box. I don't stream often but when I do I post when on my Twitter. I usually stream Jonny or Valve pages. If you have an account, contact me and we can do a double stream or something.



The J-Man Web Series on Tapastic

The Valve Web Series on Tapastic

Tales from the Other Side on Tapastic

Tapastic is a site simliar to Youtube where you can subscribe to webcomic series' so you can know when the newest "episode" (pages for me) comes out, like pages, and leave comments. Tapastic actually has an ad revenue system, so you'll still be supporting me.

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LINE Webtoon

The J-Man Web Series on Webtoon

The Valve Web Series on Webtoon

Webtoon is similar to Tapastic. You can like and/or subscribe to comics. Unlike Tapastic, Webtoon has a ratings system. Don't be afraid to give your honest opinion, but please, be kind :'(



My Tumblr Art Blog

I post art from my webcomics, school work, and fan art.

J-Man Comic Tumblr Site

Valve Comic Tumblr Site

These Tumblr sites aren't too different from what's here, though not as much bonus stuff and pages upload faster here.. If you reblog my pages, that would be much appreciated.

*Update* I will no longer be uploading full pages on Tumblr. I'll try to post sneak peaks with links to the website.



Offical J-Man/Valve Facebook page

Here's the Jonny/Valve presence on Facebook. I try to update once a week with the most important news. Come by and leave a comment. I respond to all.

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