The Best Ways to Contact Me:

The Best Ways to Contact Me:

Hey! My name (if you haven't guessed by the site title) is Jonathan Aleksey, an SVA Cartooning Alumni (Class of '17) based in Queens, NY. I am primarily a digital comics artist with storyboarding work on the side. In between freelance gigs I work on my superhero webcomics The Undefeatable J-Man and The Mystical Valve, where you can see firsthand my influences of 60's Marvel and Disney animation; combining high action, bright colors, and expressive faces.

Here are the best ways to contact me if you want to work together:

The very best is my email:

I also respond fairly quickly to direct messages to my Twitter:

My facebook is a decent way to contact me but it isn't as reliable:
Jonathan Aleksey

Work wise, I have a Linkdlen and UpWork profile

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