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Hello readers and reviewers alike. This here is the hub of "Tales from the Other Side", which started as an anthology for alt universes for my webcomics and just kinda became the place for all my not-J-Man/Valve comics works, for convenience sake. It consist of comics I've done when I was a student at SVA, work I've made with other people for anthologies and zines, and anything that doesn't fall in line with the site's main series. If you are a recruiter or something looking for comic artist, this is a good place to get an idea of my variety and versatility as an artist. And for readers, this is a good place to read short stories and one-in-dones.
Hope you enjoy the work here.

Full Comics

TftOS Book 1 Cover TftOS Book 1 Cover Jonny Short 1 Cover Jonny Short 1 Cover

Book #1
J-Man 1933

7/16/2015 - 5/31/2016

Book #2

8/10/2016 - 11/30/2016

Book #3

Book #3

Short Stories

TftOS Short 2 Cover TftOS Short 3 Cover Jonny Short 1 Cover Jonny Short 1 Cover

Short #1
Tortoise and
the Hare


Short #2
My Dad:
A Short Bio Comic


Short #3:
To Suffer
the Living

12/20/2017 - 1/10/2018

Short #4:
Becoming Legends
+ Bon Scott Short


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