The J-Man 1933: Mystery of the Malicious Droid

In the first of our multiversal adventures, we will look at a universe where the J-Man lived in 1930's NYC instead of the 2010's.

The J-Man and Sleepy Bear try to clear the mysterious M-Lady's name after she has supposedly been stealing from the Empire Labs and Hammond Industry.

Inspired in parts by Will Eisner's "The Spirit", Fritz Lang's "Metropolis", and Disney short from the 30's. This was my Spring term comic for my cartooning class (I got an overall B+) which I hand drew/inked from January to April. My inking was not as good as i would've liked and some pages were slightly messy and could be difficult to read. So I've decided to redraw them digitally which should make them cleaner and clearer.

Comic transcript

"The J-Man 1933 Cover."

Cover to J-Man 1933

Webcomics. Superhero. Action. Drama. 1933. Short. Noir.

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