The J-Man 1933: Mystery of the Malicious Droid p21

Here it is. After almost a year we've finally have conclusion to the Detective J. Well, some conclusion. Maybe someday we'll visit this world once more. It was fun to tackle black and white as well as the 1930's aesthetic. If I do this world again, I do want to have a story that ties closer to the time period. This was more a playful experiment for me.

In a short time we'll start our next story: Cinderella. A less actiony, more dramatic comic. All the pages are finished so the schedule will be better, I swear.

Comic transcript

"We need to talk..."

Detective J's story comes to a close as he faces the side of his friend he didn't know.

Webcomics. Superhero. Action. Drama. 1933. Short. Noir.

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