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And with that, our psychological fairy tales comes to an end. I hope you enjoyed yourself through Cindy's plight. I know it's different then what your used to seeing from me but it was a nice change of pace.

I'll leave you with one last bit of trivia. Back in Sept '15, I run with 3 different idea drafts for this project that my teacher Mr. Bertozzi shot down. Originally I wanted this to be Valve story, like how my previous school project became J-Man 1933.

He thought those ideas didn't work with what was expected of the project: to take a fairy tale and retelling a new, but in tone message. After my ideas didn't work and I was running out of time I came up with a quick idea I didn't think would work but he loved it. And it became the story you just read.

I'm kinda glad so many restrictions were put on me, as I ended up making a great comic I probably never would have before. Maybe for the next TftOS, I'll do something more like this..

Speaking of which, TftOS will be hiatus after this story. At least, for full 16-21 page comics. I never intended for this to be a main focus and with how long it took to finish the two comics, I think I need to take a break from this series so I can focus on J-Man and Valve. TftOS was always meant to be a loose series. That's why it's an anthology.

That being said, I have a couple of short comics in the works. Ranging from comedic to personal, these 3-5 page shorts will be inked and shown here soon. Maybe I'll even do more shorter comics in the future, but don't lose faith in full comics. I have tons of ideas for J-Man/Valve What If's, so they may be showing their faces some day.

See you guys soon.

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"I'm Cinderella."

Cinderella's story comes to an end as she reunites with her prince.

Webcomic. Drama. Fantasy. Psychological. Cartoon. All Ages.

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