WintreKitty Reviews Jonny Web Series


This is a review I've been waiting for since, March 2015 I think. She had a large waiting list, so I'm glad the timing was right for my review to happen just before Christmas. December 19th, 2015 to be exact. This review is of Jonny Web Series Books 1-3 as well as Book 4 Pages 1-9.

WintreKitty is a blogger who started doing reviews of comics on Inkblazers. When it shut down in February 2015 she moved to Tapastic, and does reviews of comics there. She's relatively small but picking up steam on Tapastic. She might be the only Tapastic reviewer, at least to my knowledge.

Anyway, you can click the image above to go to here site where the review is. I don't want to say too much, as I'd rather you go to her site and support her, but I will say that the review is fair and generally positive, especially in regards to art.

BTW the image above is a poster I drew specifically for her review. She contacted me a month ago to make a poster for her review. I made it and send it to her awhile ago and am so happy to finally show it to you guys. Isn't it swanky?

Hannahcomb Reviews Jonny Web Series

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This is possibly the first review I've ever gotten, back in September 4th, 2015. Hannahcomb had open submissions in the Tapastic forums where comic creators could ask for her to read and review their stuff. Since this was in a forum post, it would save more time to post it here then to ask you to find.
Alternatively, you can click the image above to go to her comic RAWR! Dinosaur Friends on Tapastic. It's a fun gag-a-day strip with a nice silhouette style. Check it out if you like that sorta thing.

Here's her review of the Jonny Web Series:
Side note: I asked her to skip Book 1 and go straight to the start of Book 2, since I'm not so confident with my earlier pages. So this review is for Book 2 and Book 3.

As requested I've skipped over the first chapter and my observations will be directed towards the latest pages.

So, one thing about webcomics that I really love is this explosion of comics with immensely personal creator styles. Jonny Comic's art style reminds me of some other comics that I enjoy such as Girl Genius and Shadowbinders. Sometimes I'm wary of suggesting pushes towards anything specific since it'd be a shame to lose the feel of you, as a cartoonist, doing what you love and doing things your own way.

<p.One thing you might want to try is to really solidify whether your characters live in a 3D universe or a 2D universe. I see a lot of effort put into making environments volumetric and bodies, but then the faces are a little at odds with the world since they're primarily 2D. Hopefully you can do this while still keeping the nice elasticity of their expressions and readability.

Color theory -- Maybe you could look into color palettes that work more harmoniously with that bright, main green color. Not every single hue has to be at 100% saturation. I see you pulling more desaturated colors in to the comic later on, but there are many tones that could be stylized further. Let's see, when I'm thinking about your main character's green, I'm either thinking about cool night scenes with blues and purples, or daytime scenes that are mostly yellow and orange to play off its warmth. For intense fights, a red and green palette would look great, as long as one shade is desaturated so it doesn't look too Christmassy. : D Also also the green doesn't always have to persist as the exact same shade, it can draw on other colors depending on the environment it's inhabiting.

The line quality could have more consistency. I see confident swooshes and sketchy strokes existing in the same world -- either can work, but both together drag each other down. I also don't think every single outline needs to be black, particularly for background objects. I see you getting more heavily into crosshatching and shading in the later pages, and yet some surfaces have cel shading. I think being more aware of which choices you're making and why would help solidify your style (?) but it's really up to you, since the different types of markmaking make me think of this comic's style as more off-the-cuff (which is also appealing).

So yeah, if you're looking for directions to go in search of improving according to your own tastes, you've got a lot of options, and it looks like you're having fun, too! Hope you continue creating your comics. Thanks for submitting your work.

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