HELLO, MY CHILDREN! We are nearing the end of the Month of Monsters, inching ever closer to the Holiday of Horrors: Halloween! Last year we had some good frights with our special posters, but this 2016 season we cranked up the celebrations ten-fold, like Dr. Frankenstein turning up the lighting for his monster!
We have posters, we have wallpapers, we have costumes; everything to get you in the mood for the macabre. So enjoy these images and words, and make sure to have a scary good Halloween
AH! HAAAA! HA! HAAH!.....heh heh heh...

Fav Halloween traditions!

Before we start with the pics, I'd like to tell you some of my favorite things to watch and do in October. I won't go into too much detail. Just the breifs. Maybe in the future I'll talk more about them but here I'm just giving you an insight.

First is my favorite horror films to watch, 5 for each Age of Horror:

Golden Age (1930's-40's) Silver Age (1950's-60's) Bronze Age (1970's-80's) Modern Age (1990's-onward)
Frankenstein (1931) Psycho (1960) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) The Babadook (2014)
Bride of Frankenstein (1935) Night of the Living Dead (1968) The Thing (1982) Misery (1990)
The Wolfman (1941) The Fly (1958) Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987) Housebound (2014)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931) Godzilla (1954) Halloween (1978) Cabin in the Woods (2012)
Freaks (1932) Last Man on Earth (1964) Alien (1978) The Ring (2002)

Along with movies, I like to watch certain tv and internet shows around this time:

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror: I still think that The Simpsons are the kings of Halloween on television. Single-handingly bringing back the horror anthology and the horror spoof, I always marathon the episodes in October. I say watch Treehouse of Horror 1 through 9, as they are the best, but do give the newer ones a chance. they do have some good segments in their own right. BTW, this years ToH is also the 600th episode. Congrats, Simpsons!
Cinemasscre's Monster Madness: I've been a fan of James Rolfe since 2007 and my favorite show of his behind the Nerd himself is his Monster Madness, where we reviews a different horror movie every day of October. This year is the tenth and final installment. It's bittersweet to see it go but thank you Mr. Rolfe for providing the best, most full collection of horror ever. If you are even slightly interested in horror history, please go watch every episode you can before October ends.
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: This year is such a big year for my show traditions, because 2016 also marks the 50th anniversary to the first real Halloween special. What's there to say? The Peanuts are classics and a huge part of American culture and the history of Halloween in general. Great Pumpkin really brought the holiday into the mainstream and we might not even have Halloween the way we do if it wasn't for the 'ol Blockhead himself.
The Nightmare before Christmas: Nightmare is such an odd movie in that it's perfect for both holidays, so you can watch it on October or December. It's also such a simple story with likable characters that it feels like an actual myth or tall tale you'd tell a group of kids before bed. And the beautiful stop motion makes it feel right at home with the other famous shorts like Rudolph or The Night Santa came to Town, just a very distorted and messed up one.

And some quick mentions that you should look into:

Young Frankenstein
Scooby Doo (OG, What New, Mystery Incorporated)
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Gravity Falls
Disney shorts: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Mickey Mouse in The Mad Doctor, The Skeleton Dance.
Marvel Zombies
Afterlife with Archie
Nostalgia Critic's Nostalgiaween
Atop the Fourth Wall's Longbox of the Damned

Halloween costume 2016

assets/images/static//Halloween 16 costume.png

So here's the first time I've put up an actual picture of myself, and i look like a damn dork. Or should I say, nerd?
That's because I went as the Angry Video Game Nerd, the OG internet gamer. I have the costume along with an NES Zapper and a bag of shitty games.

If your curious, the games are all ones he's reviewed like Batman Returns (Genesis), Superman 64, Godzilla (NES), Star Trek (NES), and Sonic '06 (he hasn't reviewed it, but he should!).

I'm a huge nerd of The Nerd and I'd like to do a top 10 fav episodes some time in the future. For now, just watch all his Halloween episodes.

Halloween House 2016

assets/images/static//Halloween 16 house 2.png

Here's my house decorations for the Night of Horror's. There's some gravestones in the garden, a spooky skeleton on the door, and it's all covered in the webs of a giant mutant spider!

Also, my annual Jack-o-Lantern. I was trying to make a flaming skull but his head started to fall off. We used pins to keep it in place but his mouth ended up looking a little goofy. Oh well, I like mixing horror and comedy. Let's hope for a legitimate scary pumpkin next year.

Halloween 2016 Header


This is the website header for the month of October. The J-Man and The Valve have been zomibfied and I'm the Grim Reaper, here to take your souls!

Halloween 2016 Wallpaper


The first wallpaper change for the site has Jack-o-Lantern's of The J-Man and The Valve's symbols.

A Nightmare on J Street


Last year, the J-man mixed with The Thing. This year, we tackle another personal favorite: A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Directed by the late Wes Craven in 1984, NoES follows Nancy as she tries to survive the threat of Freddy Krueger, a sadistic killer with the ability to enter people's dreams. The idea of being killed in your sleep is one of the most terrifying thoughts imaginable and the reason this slasher stands out from the rest. Anything can happen in a dream and, like The Thing, it's a strange inspiration for The J-Man. The mind has always been a fascinating topic for me, and the idea of someone else being in your mind and attacking you, as well as being trapped in your own dreams, is something that will come into play in the J-Man series (look forward to Book 5!)

As for the monster himself, Freddy Krueger is my favorite killer of the slasher sub-genre. He had a dark sense of humor and ,more so then any other slasher, he reviled in his killings. This, along with his near endless dream-manipulating powers, makes him both one of the most enjoyable and most terrifying horror icons in movie history. In my opinion, anyway.

For this All Hallow's Eve, I recommend watching in order:

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)
Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994)
Then, if you don't know it already, look up the "A Beautiful Dream" theory. It'll blow yo MIND!

Valve the 13th


Last year, The Valve tackled The Evil Dead. This year, she takes on Jason with Friday the 13th.

Directed by Sean S. Cunningham in 1980, the first movie follows a group of horny teens systematically killed by Mrs. Voorhees, with her son Jason taking up the reigns in the following ten sequels.

Now It'd be lying if I said Friday the 13th is my favorite slasher. I prefer Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street, but I do find the series enjoyable. While Freddy is the most sadistic and Meyers is the creepiest, Jason is the most relentless killer in horror. He's almost a force of nature that can't be stopped by mortal means and it's always a treat to see him work ( Not that I like seeing people die.....)

I don't really have specific recommendations for the Friday series. I suggest watching Friday the 13th 1-4, as they feel like a complete story and tone. Then maybe give the others a shot. Just know that 5 onward gets weird with resurrections, goofball comedy, psychics, space, and NEW YORK CITY, BABY!

J-Man x Freak of Nature (Tapasween 2016)


Tapasween was a Secret Santa-inspired forum event where a bunch of Tap guys would draw their characters dressing up as others to go trick or treating. Here's my piece for the the comic "Freak of Nature", another action series.

J-Man is going as the title hero with Sleepy Bear as his lizardy friend "Toma Sawyer". I've always imagined J-Man acting as a big brother to Sleepy, so Sleeps is like the kid trick-or-treating and J-Man is watching over him.

The comic is linked below with the series description.

Freak of Nature: A young cyborg with no recollection of who he once was and nothing but his arms and a mysterious source of power, Freak must recover his memories and learn his true purpose.

Heroification x The J-Man (Tapasween 2016)


Here's the image I got for Tapasween, from the creator of Heroification, another superhero comic on Tapastic. It show cases the main character Mikey trying to get his J-Man costume ready (with hair gel) while Lucy mocks him. BTW don't believe her. Green is an AWESOME color.

Here's the links and description:

Set in a modern universe in which heroes do exist, Heroification tells a story about what does it take for one to become a hero. Among these heroes are aliens, a race that could provide a selective host to gain powers in a process called Heroification. But how does one become a hero? Does it truly require to be brave and reckless? Intelligent and full of wisdom? Or would they just use their own power for evil? Among of them is a weak, cowardly boy name Mikey and a wreck-less, loud alien name Lucy. Could they help each other out or would they fail due to their differences?

So that's it for Halloween 2016. I love this time of the year and I hope I gave you a fun time with my posters, site changes, and movie recommendations. I hope you had a great Halloween season and here's to many more!

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