Storyboard Work/Samples

Hello recruiters and possibles clients! While this is mostly a comics portfolio I have been branching out into storyboarding. Seeing as how similar comics and storyboards as a medium are, and how much praise I've been given for my compositions skills from past teachers and readers, I believe I will be an exceptional addition to your team!
Just to reintroduce myself, I am Jonathan Aleksey. I graduated from SVA in 2017 with a BFA in Cartooning. I've gotten awards for my college comics and have worked as an assistant/clean up artist for my teachers in the past and currently. I have also done some pro bono storyboard work for music videos. I have some basic pay rates in my commissions page but I am also open to rate discussions. You can connect me though e-mail jonnyalekseywashere(at) or on my Linkedln
Below you will see the links to my selected storyboard work. Click on the images to go to it's full gallery. If you need more samples to get a better idea of my skills, I implore you to check out my most recent webcomic pages as they also greatly show case my composition and penciling abilities. (Oh and to any of my comic readers that found themselves here somehow, this gallery isn't really necessary for you. But you're free to look anyway.)

"Mirco" music video
(Chasing my Dreams Group)

One of a few boards created for "Chasing my Dreams" music videos, this is for the R&B song Micro. The video follows the young singer being shrunk down into the Wonderland-esque world of her dreams.

Prison System short:
Chasing my Dreams Group

Made for the Chasing my Dreams film group, these boards detail a short meant to educate people on how the corrupt prison system targets African-Americans. A very simple art style designed like other educational shorts, moving seamlessly from slide to slide.

TV Action Scene:
SVA Assignment '16

These are boards from my storyboard class with Mr. Richards I took at SVA in Fall 2016. This assignment was based on a short action scene from a TV script he previously worked on.

Smart Mirror Ad:
SVA Assignment '16

These are boards from my storyboard class with Mr. Richards I took at SVA in Fall 2016. This is based on a comical ad for a Smart Mirror, able to work ad a large tablet.

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