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So that's the end of #6, a little over a year later. I think this chapter was when I finally felt like it was coming together. I feel like I know what I'm doing with the inking and the coloring. The anatomy is correct. After four years it's clicked. There wasn't as much backstory needed so I could put in more action and personality. And I think Ratboy turned into a great villain despite having no powers (and you can be sure to see him in the near-future)

Tomorrow we be an update talking about the future of the series. What the next issues will be about, what Vol. 2 will be, etc. I hate having left you guys in the dark so frequently. It'll be in my blog section of the site which I've been meaning to rework for sometime. So stay tuned on that.

Update I made that blog post. I didn't rework the blog section itself, too much work for not much. I put a little more personality in the headers, tho. Click here to go see it for the J-Man series update.

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"I figured it be better if he told us on his own terms"

Jon and Susie come to an understanding about secrets just before the first day of school.

Webcomic. Teen Drama. Superhero. Humor. Issue 6. Page 23. Digital Art.

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