My first ever two-page spread! (turn up rave music)

I know that the two-page spreads is somewhat pointless and almost impractical for online comics. But I do plan on making print versions some day. And I've just always wanted to do one of these.

Also, I think this fight works better in horizontal format. That's one thing that's lost on mobile-oriented sites. Hopefully Tap is kind to it.

You can click next to see the pages by themselves.

Comic transcript

"You're strong, and fast. I'll give you that. But you're a boy with no skill. Ans skill always beats power."

J-Man is putting is all in the fight, but Heat-Wave is more experienced and is overpowering him.

Superhero. Webcomic. Comic. Action. Fight. Two Page Spread. Fire. Cartoon. PG.

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