Two Years on the Web!

The final page of #4 is here. I hope you like the final panel. It took a lot of time and is something I'm mega proud of. I'm also mega proud at the fact The J-Man is two years old now.

Last Friday (8/26) was the official date, but today (9/1) is the 2-year anniversary on Tapastic. Thank you to everyone who's stuck by this long and enjoyed the series so far. Each page is an improvement of the last and I'm glad you've been so patent with me.

And make sure to keep sharing the comic, it really helps. Thanks for two years.

Comic transcript

"Let the fires of vengeance consume you, J-Man!"

J-Man is at the mercy of Heat-Wave in the end of the "Between Two Fires" story line.

Webcomics. Superhero. Action. Drama. Fight. End of Book 4. Two Years. Colored.

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