(September 16th - October 21st, 2016)

Hello, friends!
This here is a special 5-page short story for The J-Man Web Series. This, like the J-Man 1933 storyline, was actually a school project. This was made for my digital comics class for my Junior Year at SVA, made around March-April 2016. You'll notice that the type is very different. This is because part of the project involved using our own typefaces. This will probably stay an exclusive of this short, as the process is type consuming and involves the use of three different programs I don't have.
The short itself is a more light-hearted tale then the others. I just wanted to have some fun with the characters without the drama and supervillians. I especially wanted to show off Susie since there hasn't much of her since Book 2. As well, I wanted to show J-Man fight regular thugs . The Star Gang will probably make more appearances in the coming years.
This will go on along with any guest arts I get, which you can still participate in.

Comic transcript

"You're missing the whole movie, Jon!" Abe, Jonah, and Susie are waiting on movie night for a conspicuously late Jonny Regionson Jr., aka The J-Man. Webcomics. Superhero. Action. Drama. Humor. Short. Colored.

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