Book 5: Between Two Fires Pt2 p4

*Updated with color (1/21)

Hey, guys! Due to the amount of workload I have back here, I haven't had as much time to work on the comic as I'd like. So I'm taking a page from Shadowbinders and uploading half-finished pages and then updating it later with colors. I'm only doing this with pages that are inked so you won't see pencils here. Hope you guys don't mind. Colors will hopefully be finished before next week.

Anyway, here's a speech-less fight scene, and one of favorites so far. Though Heat-Wave was clearly about to kick J-Man straight in the nuts.

Also, the new bumper has a tip banner now (wink, wink)

Also also, I'm going to stop showcasing the top 5 tippers in every comic post now. I'd like to do more for tippers in the future, like a contest or something, but this little bit will do for now:

Top 5 Tippers (1/14 - 1/20):

1.) scearls31

2.) Cyndi Foster

3.) Jrej

4.) Haley Martin

5.) NightAshes

Comic transcript

Heat-Wave and J-Man tackle each other over the lab platform.

Webcomics. Superhero. Action. Sci-fi. All-Ages. Book 5. Page 4. Colored.

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