Book 5: Between Two Fires Pt2 p6

You should smoke in a chemical lab.
Also, here's a little goof I did last week. I was tagged by Cyndi Foster (Oops Comic Adventure) to draw my characters as actors on the set of the comic. It seems there's some mischief on set. (I may do more of these after Book 5 ends).
Also also, new image for Tapastic tippers so I don't have to keep writing it in the description. (tips please!)

Comic transcript

"It's time for a smoke break, matchstick."
The J-Man plays his hand (and smoke bomb) to postpone his stuggle with Heat-Wave.
Superhero. Webcomics. Action. Sci-Fi. Drama. Blooper. Humor. Fight. Book 5. Page 6. All Ages.

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