[Nah, it was just a prank, brah!]

Hello friends. I'm sure some of you may be shocked by this drastic change to The J-Man. Truth be told, this has been a long time coming.
I love what I made so far, and how many of you enjoy it has brought me much happiness. However, I've always thought that the superhero comic was missing something. I now realize that this was always meant to be a romantic BL manga.
"Gakuen Jaintium" will have Jonny Regionson Jr. (exchange student) move to Tokyo where he hopes to be the greatest hero of all time. His journey will have him meet the Jaintium Alien, a lovable rogue who will take him under his wing. In more ways than one.
I hope you enjoy the future of The J-Man and I wish you a great beginning of April!

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It's Boy's Love now. Webcomics. Superhero. Prank.

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