J-Man and Sable beat The Old Chap!

Some HUGE announcements, but first, this mini.

This was created awhile ago for Cyndi Foster's comic Oops Comic Adventure. One of the first people I got to know on this site, it was a true pleasure to finally make something for her and her hubby. I strongly recommend checking the comic out. It should be close to it 7th issue by now.
And now the announcements. First, after a long time setting up, the 1st volume of The J-Man is available! There's both physical and digital versions you can buy. I'm really proud of that I can finally have a real book and if you enjoy my work and want to help out, please consider purchasing a book. There's even dozens of bonus materials.
Second, a special event will be happening on my Patreon: an entire prequel comic about Capt. Regionson will be available months before anyone else can see. Patreon is a great way to help me keep making comics and now you get even more J-Man for it.

Thanks for the tips and here are all the links
Oops Comic Adventure
The J-Man Vol 1 print version on Gumroad
The J-Man Vol 1 digital on Kindle

Comic transcript

"Good-bye, J-Man. You're an honorary meek!."

J-Man helps otherworldly elves Sable and Murf rescue their brethren from the crazed Old Chap.

Webcomics. Superhero. Action. Sci-fi. Fantasy. Crossover.

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