Between Two Fires Pt 2 p19

Hey! It's a big cameo feast outside Empire Labs. I asked for extras on the Tapas forums and here they are left to right:

Annetta - Annetta
Joon (as a cop) - Semi Super
Kenta Orune - Marked
Mercury Jenkins - Wednesday7
David - The Simple Things
Jess - Block Party
Wednesday - Wednesday7
Sanori (as a cop) - Aiiro No Kunoichi
Mrycella Hathaway - Hollow Creek
Steve - Too Far from the Tree
Kima - Kima & Jeorge

Go check them out on Tapas; and if you have app, maybe consider givin'um an ol tip.

Comic transcript

"...Habdor was my responsibility."

As J-Man exits out, Capt. Regionson delivers Heat-Waves final letter to his brother.

Webcomics. Superhero. Sci-fi. Drama. Colored. All Ages. Book 5. Page 19. Cameos. Tapas.

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