Between Two Fires Pt 2 p23

oh my GAWD!!! It's finally done. Two and a half years on this single two-part arc and it's finally over. Remember back when I thought I'll get this story done in 6 months? Or when I thought it would be one issue. What a joke! Not that I'm ashamed of it. Far from it. This is definitely of best work yet, but man am I ready to get to new stories and new villains.

It's so strange to finally be done with this. So much has happened inbetween the fight between J-Man and Heat-Wave. I graduated college before this finished for christ sake, and not I'm done drawing this particular character.

Now we can look to the future. We can finally start using J-Man's finalized costume for now on. The next issue will be a more down to earth story with no supervillains (just thugs) and a focus on Jonny and Susie. But first we got a prequel special coming up next following J-Man's father 20 years earlier. And luck for me all those black-n-white pages are done so we got a good 5 month buffer (thank Christ). And even a big announcement soon. (Plus now that #5 is complete, and can finally begin work on J-Man Vol. 2)

Thank you to everyone who to put up with the inconsistent updates and read through. You guys keep the comic alive.

There's still a bunch of ways you can help. The J-Man Vol. 1 is still available in print and digital from (check the description on the side bar) and my Patreon could still use some patrons. You can even read the first half of the prequel right now if you donate. I'm thinking of a starting a Ko-Fi, let me know what you think of it.

But enough of me hoaring myself. Let's talk about YOU! It's been a while since we had guest art and since #5 just ended now would be a good time to ask. It'd be so nice to get some so if you want to draw J-Man send it to me at I've also been thinking of doing one of those character Q&A's I've seen before. Let me know if you'd like to see that.

With that said, au revoir mes amis!

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"...but I hope I can help next time."

Heat-Wave escapes into the abyss as Book 5 comes to a close.

Webcomics. Superhero. Drama. Fire. Cartoon. All Ages. Book 5. Page 23. Chapter End.

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