(March 2nd, 2018 - July 6th, 2019)

WOAH! What an explosive cover for an explosive story! For the past 3 years we've focused on young Jonny Regionson Jr.'s exploits as The Spectacular J-Man, but now it's time to set are sights long before he was even born.

This was a comic I made about a year ago (Jesus Christ!) for my SVA Senior project. It's a black and white comic that plays a bit loose with the J-Man connection so that I could even do it for my class project (that's way it's a prequel). It feels really good to finally be posting it online.

Set 20 years before the webcomic, we'll see Jon Regionson Sr. as a young man, thrust unto an incredible conspiracy that'll change his life forever. Hope you enjoy as we have consistent updates for the first time since 2016! (god hates me)

Comic transcript

"First Contact"

The start of a prequel comic set 20 years before the birth of The J-Man.

Webcomic. Cop Noir. Superhero. Drama. Movie Poster. Colored. Digital Art.

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