First Contact p4-5

OH BOY! Another two-page spread!

I should probably remind people at this point that this comic was my SVA senior year project and thus was created for physical media. I also intended to release it online as part of webcomic (why would I go through the trouble of making a prequel comic to never show people it?) but I did make it print-first in mind. That's why it's a horizontal spread that might make reading on the web difficult.

I should also state that this was the first sequence I imagined when writing the story. I've always wanted to do a car chase and I decided just quickly that it was gonna be a two-pager. I think a car chase works a lot better horizontally, like how we see cars every day. It would look off any other way.

So with that whole explanation out of the way, I really hope you can enjoy the spread despite abnormal reading layout. I'm really happy with how it turned out ('specailly in print) and it's a true highlight for me. And man can that chick drive...

Comic transcript


The officers take a crazy taxi ride caught in the middle of a car chase through Manhattan.

Webcomic. Digital Art. Cop Noir. Inked. Action. Car Chase. Special 1. Pages 4-5. Two-Page Spread.

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