HAPPY EASTER (and only easter), EVERYONE!

WOW! What a crazy Easter adventure! It didn't seem like J-Man could handle that ferocious beast but he pulled threw.

But he wasn't alone. The Unknown Man came out out of nowhere to delivery the antidote for the bunny monster. And we finally know who he is! I can't believe it's.....well there's no point in repeat what we just saw.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this superific short. It's probably my most impressive one yet. All those late nights and drug overdoses all paid off didn't they.

I hope you guys n gals have a grand Easter Sunday. I'll see next Friday with the next installment of Gakuen Jaintium. Man, that J-Man BL was the best idea I ever had.

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A totally real Easter comic.

Webcomics. Superhero. Easter. Yes Easter. It really is just Easter.

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