First Contact p19

And with a rising hopeful sunrise we bid farewell to the Jon Regionson of the past. Now we must head back to the present and continue our journey with the Undefeatable J-Man!

Thanks for reading everyone. This is a story I've wanted to try for a while. Something more "film noir" then "superhero action". Hopefully you enjoyed it too. I'd loved to go back to young Capt. Regionson sometime in the future but we really should get back to basics. Issue 6 will also be a bit more down-to-earth with regular criminals and more emphasis on Jonny Regionson Jr.

The series will be in a bit of a hiatus until #6 comes out. I'm looking at two months or so. Just want to make sure I have a decent amount of it done before releasing it to avoid the delays #5 went through. I will have plans for the 4th anniversary and a Halloween poster in the works. I anyone wants to do fan art/comics I'd be happy to post it here in the meantime.

Also you might have notice a title change. From now on the series will be "The Undefeatable J-Man". It's not a big change, not as big as the change from "Jonny Web Series". I've just always been a fan of Marvel's adjective titles (Amazing Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk, etc). Wanted to do the same to J-Man.

See you guys in #6!

Comic transcript

"Everything can change in one day."

The sun rises as Jon Regionson finds a new purpose in life.

Webcomics. Cops. Noir. Drama. Prequel. Special 1. Page 19. Chapter End. Black and White. Digital Art.

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