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How's that for a introduction?!

Lot's of changes. First is that this is the first true appearance of the finalized J-Man suit. The belt has appeared in shorts before but even that is outdated. The belt is shinning gold now, the shoes are green (to better color balance things), line designs all over, and a blacken outline for the symbol. Definitely an upgrade.

As for the comic creation itself, I'm using a new pen for inking. Not the basic brush. Took me a bit to get used to it but it does make much better drawings. I'm also going to try for a more "pop" color scheme. Mostly just not meticulously coloring every single object "realistically". Less workload.

Comic transcript

"Even got some new clothes for the occasion."

J-Man chases down a truck of thugs in his new updated costume.

Webcomics. Superhero. Action. Pop Art. Cartoon. Issue 6. Page 1.

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