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No witty retort this time cause I'm just emotionally drained. 10pm yesterday I tried to make the sink faucet not drip a bit and f***ed the whole thing. My brother turned the cold water off the day before. I knew he did something but didn't know what so I loosened the faucet lever thinking that's what he did but it wasn't. Shit got bad. Sink wouldn't stop running, mostly hot water. Spent an hour twisting valve before asking my brother for help. Then spent another hour an a half turning the water on and off before telling my mom. She mostly just sarcastically joked and then went back upstairs. Brother screwed off the "lever?" (not really sure it's a lever. It's what turns the water on on top of the faucet. Whatever. It's a lever.) I put in back in the right way and twist it tight and we're basically back where we started except I gotta actively turn the cold water back on when I do dishes next time but at least the sink isn't running all night. We don't got no money for a plumber so I was internally freaking out. This all started because I wanted cold water to make coffee. Felt like I actually had to barf and hoped Jesus would come down and finally end it all. It's fine now but I feel empty. Probably should eat something but all we got are apples. Anyway, rant over. Uploading the page rn so I can sleep which is my only escape. Hope you had a good Christmas. I got Infinity War on blue-ray. Pretty good.

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"Sorry about the cake."

J-Man saves a dinner party but ruins the dinner. Oops.

Webcomics. Superhero. Action. Humor. Cartoon. Digital Art. Issue 6. Page 6.

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