A Friendly Visit p18

Yesterday was my birthday. 24 years old, bruh.

I spent an eon trying to figure out the coloring of this page. It didn't start as a psychedelic Silver Age-esque fight scene but it evolved into one out of frustration on "realistic" colors that didn't work. I did start this issue saying I was going to attempt more "pop" colors so it fits. I did like drawing this. Feels like the most animated fight scene I got and there's still at least 2 more pages of this, bee. Tho next storyline I'm going to have the bad guys in masks. Trying to come up with/draw so many unique faces was very time consuming :P


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"Don't leave before refreshments."

J-Man and Sleepy tackle the escaping Black Ties head on!

Superhero. Webcomics. Comic Art. Color. Digital Art. Action. All Ages. The Undefeatable J-Man. Issue 6. Page 18.

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