Last year we had an intermission with a skeleton J-Man. This year I went a step further and recreated the poster to one of my favorite horror films ever: John Carpenter's "The Thing" (1982).

There's a lot of reason it's one of my favorites: 1.) The alien is interesting, creepy, and intelligent 2.) All the main characters are smart and funny 3.) The effects and gore are top notch and the good 'ol physical puupets. No bad CGI here (that's the horrible 2011 prequel) 4.) It's an amazing murder mystery, delves into identity, and has one the best unanswered endings of all of cinema.

The Thing was also a perfect fit for my The J-Man Web Series. Both stories feature an undescribable alien creature that merges with a human, with it's own intentions. There are obvious differences but the general idea is fairly close.

If you haven't seen it (and have the guts) go see The Thing. It's great. And make sure to answer these questions in the comments below: What are your thoughts of "The Thing"? What's your take on the ending? Did I do a good job remaking the poster? What's your favorite horror movie you love to watch this Halloween season?

Let's just......sit for awhile, okay?

Comic transcript

A recreation of the poster for the 1982 "The Thing" using the J-Man from the "Jonny Web Series.

"The Ultimate in Alien Terror"

Superhero. Webcomic. Poster. The Thing. Homage. Horror. Halloween.

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